Oct 06

Portable Generator Reviews: Generac GP7500E Portable Generator

Generac GP7500E Generator

In case of a power outage, a portable generator will help you to stay safe, warm and fed and to keep up with the latest development of the situation. But how do you select the right one among the many different options available? I have experience in this as I use such devices in my …

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May 15

Portable Generator Reviews: Generac GP5500 5500 watt Generator

Generac GP5500 5500 watt Generator

When power goes out, people cannot go about their daily tasks and have issues even with basic things such as the preparation of food. I have a restaurant business in the Caribbean, where power outages are common especially during the hurricane season, and use portable generators to deal with the problem effectively. Over the year, …

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Mar 10

Portable Generator Reviews: Yamaha YG2800i 2800 Watt 171cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

Yamaha YG2800i

It is fine if the electricity goes out for an hour or so. However, if there is no power for days, a lot of problems can occur. I cannot afford to keep the refrigerators in my small restaurants without power for more than an hour or so. That is why I use portable power generators. …

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Jan 14

Portable Generator Reviews: Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 Portable 800-Watt Inverter Generator

Earthquake IG800W Portable Generator

  When there is no power, you cannot go on with your daily life as usual. With a backup generator, however, you can at least stay safe, eat normally, follow the news and keep your cell phone up and running. I personally find these devices invaluable for my restaurant business in the Caribbean. I use …

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Jan 01

Portable Generator FAQ

Portable Generator FAQs

I being asked questions about the portable generator regularly, and discovered most of the users are facing similar problems, and thus, I have selected the most frequently asked questions about the portable generators and created the FAQ page. I have listed these questions below, you may click on the question which will lead you to …

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Dec 02

Portable Generator Reviews: Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

Champion Power Equipment 46539

It is invaluable to have a durable and reliable backup generator in case of a power outage. When it is portable, you can use it for all kinds of recreational purposes as well. In this review, I will evaluate the Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 watt 196cc 4-stroke gas powered portable generator with wireless remote …

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Nov 20

Portable Generator Reviews: Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator

Westinghouse WH7500E

It is a fact that power outages can be frequent and/or last for days especially during harsh weather conditions. That is why you would not want to stay without a power generator that can help you go through such tough times. The choice of models is abundant so it is hard for any buyer to …

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Aug 28

Why Is It So Important To Have a Portable Backup Generator For Home?

Backup Generator for Home

What is the best appliance to have at home in case of an emergency? The answer is: a portable home generator. This is the most valuable device of all simply because it can power all others. It is crucial for every household to keep such a home backup generator in their home. This is the …

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Jul 17

Some Unique and Interesting Things You Can Use the Portable Generator For

Some Unique and Interesting Things You Can Use the Portable Generator For

There is one thing that you will certainly have to agree with me about – we, humans, are extremely creative and always come up with unique ideas and solutions. We can use a simple and functional device such as the portable generator for a lot more things than it was originally created for – providing …

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May 08

Portable Generator Reviews: Briggs & Stratton 30468 5,500 Watt 305cc Gas Powered Portable Generator

Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator

We are extremely dependant on electricity even for the most basic things such as keeping food fresh. That is why it is certainly a good idea to invest in a portable generator as a backup. The market offers a huge selection which is overwhelming for most buyers. As a seasoned buyer and user of such …

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