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Here you can find detailed information and advice on portable power generators plus reviews of the most popular models currently sold on the market. I have long term experience in using such generators. I am Bobby and I own a number of restaurants on different Caribbean islands. My places are small, but I strive to provide the best quality food and service to my customers. That is why I use portable generators to get power whenever there is an outage.

I have always loved cooking and serving food so I managed to secure enough funds to open a small restaurant in the Caribbean. I am a fan of the local cuisine and its fresh flavors. Besides, the region is extremely popular with tourists. Given these two factors, I decided that opening a restaurant there would be a brilliant idea and I was right. My first place was a success and I opened more restaurants on other islands.

The only problem for my business was the fairly high frequency of power outages, especially during the hurricane season. Most people can only imagine how devastating a power outage can be for a restaurant. If there are clients at the restaurant when the lights go out, they get scared and some panic. It becomes impossible to prepare many of the dishes. The kitchen cannot work properly. The worst problem is that the food in the refrigerator and freezer can get spoiled very quickly.

I managed to find a reliable solution to the problem of power outages in my restaurants fairly quickly. The solution was the portable power generator. I started by learning as much as possible about these devices. I came up with an evaluation and comparison method which I use to this day to pick the best models for my business. I have used a large number of generators.

Many of my clients come to me asking about the portable power generator in the respective restaurant and how they can buy and use such a device in their homes. I was more than happy to talk to them, but one day I decided that it would be better to share my knowledge and experience with everyone who plans to buy a portable generator. This is how I set up this website.

I did a quick market research and identified the most popular power generator models. I have reviewed each one based on its features and capabilities. I also came up with a number of guides and articles. In these pieces, I provide useful information on portable generators and advice on how to buy them and use them safely and effectively.

I have tried to be as objective as possible in the reviews, guides and articles. I have no affiliation to any of the portable power generator manufacturers. I am just a person sharing personal knowledge and experience. I have to be honest and admit that the pieces I wrote did not take much time and effort to compose. I simply shared what I know and what I think. You can readily take advantage of the reviews, information and advice to choose the best portable generator for you.

Happy browsing!

Bobby Belford

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