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Portable Generator Reviews: Champion Power Equipment 46561 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

The lack of power usually causes panic and annoyance. It leads to numerous discomforts and prevents you from doing a lot of things including your work. These problems can be solved with portable power generators. I use such devices for my restaurants in the Caribbean and they allow my business operations to go on as usual without losing a single penny due to the power outage. I am sure that you would want the same convenience for your home and/or small business so I figured out I should review the top portable generators currently available on the market including the Champion generator.

The Champion generators have always enjoyed great popularity due to their strong construction, reliable and efficient design and durability. The company is known for introducing innovation as well. Does Champion 46561 have these qualities? I will try to answer this question below.

Champion 46561 Portable Generator

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Product Description

Champion power equipment 46561 Portable Generator comes with an engine which makes 4,000 watts of surge power and 3,500 watts of continuous power output. It has a set of standard receptacles and safety features. Its most special feature is the wireless remote electric start. I will now focus on evaluating each of the features in greater detail.


The OHV engine of this power generator consists of a single cylinder. The air cooling system works efficiently to prevent overheating. The cast iron sleeve gives the motor greater durability. The motor gets gas from the 4-gallon fuel tank.

The low oil protection system works to shut down the engine when the oil is too low in order to prevent damage to the mechanical parts. I can certainly say that the engine and the related systems are reliable, durable and made to last. However, this is not something that sets the generator apart form all other models in its category.

The remote control electric start of this gas powered generator is certainly worth your attention given that very few other models boast with the same feature. The electric start is very quick. The battery necessary for its operation is included in the package. The remote control for starting the device is also included. You can turn the engine on even when you are some 80 feet away from the device. A recoil start is also included for backup. I find the remote start feature quite convenient especially in an emergency when you need to act quickly. The backup is a great solution as well.

Champion Power Equipment 46561 comes with one 120-volt outlet with a duplex design. There is a 120-volt twist lock outlet and 1 RV receptacle as well. These are perfectly sufficient for powering the appliances and electronic equipment items found in homes and offices. Still, I would prefer to have a 120/240-volt twist lock as well for the sake of greater versatility which is important in case of an emergency. I should note that all outlets have overload protection. This is essential for the safe operation of the home generator.

The Intelligauge display is another feature which makes this electric start generator stand out among its counterparts. It allows you to monitor the volts, the frequency and the operating hours of the 4000 watt generator. I appreciate the fact that I can monitor and control this power generator effectively. This is helpful for protecting the device and all connected appliances and for using the produced electricity efficiently.

The frame of this portable generator is made from steel tubes. The frame provides effective support and protection. The mobility of the gas powered generator is guaranteed by the wheel kit and the durable handlebar, which is easy to set up. The 8-inch never-flat tires are worth your attention as well. In my opinion, these are rugged and durable. They can take your generator through any kind of terrain.


This Portable Generator from Champion Power Equipment makes 4,000 watts of surge power output and 3,500 watts of power output when running continuously. The produced output is sufficient for operating a number of appliances in your home during a power outage. For instance, you will be able to keep the fridge working, watch TV, use the sump pump and make hot coffee using the coffee maker. Of course, you will be able to keep the kitchen and living room lights on as well. It is possible to power single appliances like a stove or a water heater.

The run time of this model is 12 hours at half load when the 4-gallon fuel tank is full. This run time is quite good and it is certainly one of the best I have seen. You will be able to use all the appliances which you need for a whole day without refueling the power generator.

You will be able to hear a sound with 68 dB loudness at 23-foot distance when the device working. The decibels are not at all high, at least in my opinion, but the noise may be louder in reality due to environment-specific factors.


Champion 46561 Portable Generator can be used by households and small businesses in case of pour outages. It can be used for powering the electric appliances of recreational vehicles and at campsites as well. You can use it to work with power tools at home or in your business. Typically, contractors use portable power generators for this purpose.


The main benefits and advantages of Champion Power Equipment 46561 are:

  • Study and durable construction
  • Easy, quick, convenient and reliable start
  • Versatile outlets
  • Allows for effective monitoring and control on the side of the user
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • 2-year limited warranty plus lifetime free technical support


I think that the drawbacks of this portable generator model are:

  • Often the device operates not as quietly as expected, even though it will still not be very loud. If the noise is bothering you, you can use a range of methods for blocking it.
  • The batteries for the remote control of the device may add a little bit more to the investment which you have to make in the unit and this is an issue if you are trying to keep costs down. The good news is that you are in no way required to use the remote to start the gas powered generator.


I believe that the Champion Power Equipment 46561 4,000 Watt Gas Powered Portable Generator is a good choice despite the minor flaws it comes with. It is reliable and durable and can really help you in case of an emergency.

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