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Portable Generator Reviews: Champion Power Equipment 46515

Most people panic in case of a power outage, but I don’t. I know that each and every one of my restaurants in the Caribbean has a power generator that will work to power all appliances in the kitchen and all lights in the entire restaurant. Everything goes on as usual and the clients are happy. I believe I have solid experience in buying and using power generators so I though it would be a good idea to evaluate some of the most popular models in the market. Here is the review of the Champion Power Equipment 46515.

I expect a portable power generator to be reliable, strong and durable. It should operate safely. Quiet operation is also important for both businesses and households. Let’s find out if this model can really offer all of these benefits.

Champion Power Equipment 46515

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Product Description

Champion Power Equipment 46515 comes equipped with a 4-stroke OHV engine which makes 4,000 watts of surge output and 3,500 watts of continuous output. It has a recoil start, a set of standard outlets and a range of safety features. Below, I will evaluate each one of the features of this model in detail.


The single-cylinder motor of Champion 46515 has an air cooling system. When overheating is effectively prevented, this ensures the longer life of the motor and its more efficient operation. The engine comes with a cast iron sleeve which makes it strong and durable.

The recoil start is another important feature of this portable power generator. An electric start is usually more convenient to use and more efficient as well, but a good-quality recoil start should not give you any trouble. In my opinion, the major benefit of the traditional recoil start is that it is ready to use at all times while the batter of the electric start has to be charged in order for it to work.

You will get to use 1 dual 120-volt outlet with Champion 4000 watt portable generator. There is one 12-volt twist lock outlet as well. The RV receptacle is also quiet functional. I certainly find the model to be versatile given that its outlets can be used for powering all sorts of items from television sets to power tools. Still, these receptacles are standard so they do not give this model any particular advantage over its counterparts.

There are a number of safety features which make this model reliable. The engine of the generator is equipped with a low oil sensor. When the oil is too low for the motor to operate properly, it is automatically shut off. That way, it gets efficient protection from damage.

Other important safety features of Champion 46515 are the circuit breakers. They prevent overloading. This is essential for ensuring the long term operation of the portable power generator.

Another feature worth mentioning is the voltmeter. It allows you to monitor the voltage. That way, you can control it more efficiently, use the power produced to the fullest and prevent accidents.


The Champion Power Equipment 46515 produces 3,500 watts of power when operating. It can produce 4,000 watts of power when started. In general, with 3,500 watts of output, you can power a number of appliances simultaneously. For instance, you can have your fridge, television set, sump pump and a number of lights running for a considerably long period of time.

You can power appliances such as a stove and a washing machine individually. It is nice to be able to cook a fine meal even when there is a power cut. Trust me, I speak from experience.

The Champion power equipment can work continuously for 12 hours at 50 per cent load when the tank is full of gasoline. This is quite convenient for any household or business. Besides, you will hardly find a model that works for longer hours without the need of refueling. The good run time is certainly one of the main advantages of this 4000 watt generator.

When this Champion power generator is operating, you will hear noise with loudness of 68 dB some 23 feet away from the generator. This noise level is quite low, even though there are models with even lower noise level. What you should know as a buyer and future user is that often, the portable power generators turn out to be slightly noisier than expected. This is because the noise that you will hear depends on the setting of the device and on the surrounding environment to an extent.


This gas powered portable generator is versatile enough to be used by small businesses of all kinds and households during power outages. You can use it for recreational purposes as well. It may be of great use when you go camping. Contractors can use it for their power tools on different job sites.


In my opinion, the main benefits of Champion generator are:

  • Versatility – it can be used to power all sorts of appliances and power tools
  • Safe operation – comes with all standard safety features
  • Fairly quiet – you can expect this generator to produce less noise than most of its counterparts
  • Strong and durable – the device and the frame which it is mounted on have a sturdy construction
  • 2-year limited warranty and lifetime technical support available for free


Here is the one drawback of this 4000 watt generator which I discovered:

  • Kits come with the Champion Power Equipment 46515 Portable GeneratorThe mobility kit comes separately – you will find the device and the frame it is mounted on included in the package, but you will have to purchase the mobility kit separately. The good news is that the kit is not particularly expensive and that it includes everything you need – wheels, a handle and knits and bolts for attaching them to the frame.


I can safely say that the Champion Power Equipment 46515 4,000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke gas powered portable generator has features and qualities that make it a good choice. It is sufficiently powerful. It is reliable and durable. It is fairly easy to use. It does not come with a mobility kit, but you can easily add it to the package at a low cost.

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