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Portable Generator Reviews: Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 Watt 196cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator

It is invaluable to have a durable and reliable backup generator in case of a power outage. When it is portable, you can use it for all kinds of recreational purposes as well. In this review, I will evaluate the Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 watt 196cc 4-stroke gas powered portable generator with wireless remote electric start to help you decide whether it can give you what you expect and possibly more. You can rely on my objectivity and on my expertise as a seasoned buyer and user with long term experience.

In this Champion 46539 review, I will pay full attention to all major features and capabilities and evaluate them as thoroughly as possible. I will talk about the suitability of the model. I will give you a complete list of its pros and cons which you can use for comparing it to other models. I will start with the product’s presentation.

 Champion Power Equipment 46539

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Product Description

The Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 watt generator uses a 196cc OHV engine with cast iron sleeve to run. It produces 4,000 surge watts and 3,500 watts of continuous power. Its maximum run time at 50% load is 12 hours. It comes with an electric remote control start which has the battery included.

The Champion 4000 watt generator has two 120-volt AC outlets, one 120-volt twist lock and one RV receptacle. It features a low oil shutoff sensor and Intelligauge which shows the volts, frequency and operating hours. It is mounted on a tubular steel frame and has a kit with 8-inch never-flat wheels. It has a noise level of 69 dB at 23 feet. The model is CARB compliant.

Features of the Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 watt Generator

I will start this Champion 46539 review with the design of the model. The 1-inch steel tubular frame is quite sturdy and reliable. It is perfectly weather resistant and this always a plus. This Champion generator is pretty big, even though it is certainly not the most massive that you can find. With it 140 pounds of weight it falls somewhere in the middle when compared to its counterparts from this and other brands. I have to say that the wheels do a pretty good job. The tires are big and have a good tread in addition to being flat-free. This means that no terrain will be a challenge. The handle is easy to use and easy to fold as well.

The 196cc OHV engine of this portable power generator has modern design and solid construction. Its heavy duty components ensure its durability and proper operation in the long term as well as in the short run. It uses a top technology for running smoothly and safely. The Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 watt generator has low fuel consumption and this is certainly a great benefit to have. The low oil shut off sensor is a superb feature which protects the engine effectively from damage and faster amortization.

The wireless start of the Champion 46539 gas powered generator is its most innovative and attractive feature. The remote control is simple and easy to use. It works flawlessly to start the engine from a distance. It is super convenient to be in your camper van and get all appliances powered in the morning without even getting out of bed. The auto-choke feature ensures that the start is always a smooth one.

Another innovative feature is the Intelligauge. This electronic gauge displays several different parameters so it eliminates the guesswork automatically. You can keep an eye on the frequency and volts and on the operating hours as well. You will be able to make the necessary adjustments as and when required.

You will get all the outlets which you require on the control panel of this Champion 4000 watt portable generator. You can plug all kinds of appliances and standard extension cables into the two 120-volt AC outlets. The twist lock is ideal for power tools. With the RV receptacle all which you have to do is to connect your RV to the generator.

Capabilities of the Champion 4000 watt Generator

The Champion 46539 gas powered generator produces 4,000 watts of surge power and 3,500 watts of running power. It is perfectly capable of powering all of the major appliances in a recreational vehicle plus a number of smaller ones. If it is used in a home, it can power a fridge, a sump pump, a good number of lights and a TV set all at the same time. It is pretty powerful even though it certainly does not fall into the heavy duty category.

With its 12 hours of run time at 50% load, this 4000 watt Champion generator is an excellent performer. It will keep working properly while you focus on the things which are important for you. You don’t have to worry that you will miss the time for refueling.

When it comes to the noise rating of this device, I have to say that it is quite good. You will hear a sound with loudness of 69 dB at 23 feet and this is perfectly acceptable. It is way below the dangerous limit so you can use it safely when you go camping and at home as well.

Who Can Use the Champion 46539?

Given its features and capabilities, the Champion 46539 portable generator is suitable for individuals who have an RV and love going camping and for those who require a power backup at home. It can be used by small businesses as backup as well. Contractors can use it on various locations for powering their tools.


The positive sides of this Champion portable generator with electric remote start are:

  • Versatility – You can use this 4 stroke generator for more comfortable camping and as power backup as well.
  • Great convenience – The remote control start can really spoil you.
  • Superb performance – You should not expect any glitches.
  • Ease of use – It is simple to set up the 196cc Champion generator and to start using it.
  • Durability – The generator will stay in good condition and keep working well for years to come.
  • CARB compliance – The Champion 4000 watt generator with remote start can be bought and used in all 50 US states including California.
  • 2-year warranty – The feature is standard but extremely important to have.


The negative side of this Champion Power Equipment generator is:

  • Minor gasoline draining challenges – The draining with a siphon may take some time. Generally, this is not a serious issue at all.


Overall, this review finds that the Champion Power Equipment 46539 4000 watt generator is one of best devices of this type that you can find in the market. It works effectively and reliably. It has versatile uses. You can power a large number of appliances at ones. It is durable. I can highly recommend it.

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