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Portable Generator Reviews: Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

It is perfectly possible to continue your normal life when there is a power outage. You can readily use a portable power generator. This is what I do. When the power goes out in one of my restaurants in the Caribbean, my employees simply use a device to keep the appliances in the kitchen running and to keep the lights on for the guests. I want my business to continue working as usual and it does.

I am sure that you want the same thing for your business and home when there is no power and for your recreation vehicle when you go camping. The question is how to select the right device. This review of the Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt 4-Stroke gas powered portable inverter generator will help you make the best choice.

I decided to review the Champion 2000 watt inverter generator because it is one of the most popular products in the market. I will evaluate the device for you just like I do this for myself when I go shopping. In understand how important it is to make the best choice when the sum which is to be invested is not small.

Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt Portable Inverter Generator

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Product Description

Champion 73536i is a compact and fairly light portable power generator, which is designed to be carried by hand. It produces 2,000 watts of surge power and 1,700 watts of power when it runs continuously. Its cube shape and plastic casing are among its most easily noticeable features. However, it has a lot more to offer. It uses inverter technology for producing high quality electricity.


The Champion Power Equipment 73536i measures 21.5 by 16.25 by 18.25 inches. It is quite compact indeed. In addition, it weighs just 48 pounds. In comparison, most models weigh over 200 pounds. The cube shape adds to the portability of the device. The fully enclosed plastic housing of the device protects it from hits and blows and from all kinds of other threats. I think that the plastic casing is an excellent solution.

The 4-stroke engine works on gas. This is the fuel typically used to power portable generators. The most impressive thing about the engine is that it can work at different speeds. The variable speed technology allows you to switch to economy mode at any time. When you do not need much power, you can set up the engine so that it works at a lower speed. That way, the fuel is used efficiently and you save.

In addition, the engine is better protected from natural wear and tear and from damage. Basically, the technology works to extend its life. The variable speed operation allows for reduced noise production. According to the manufacturer, the device produced only 53 dB of noise. The operation of the generator is fairly quiet, at least for me.

The inverter technology of this Champion 2000 watt generator allows the engine to produce what is technically called clean electricity. The AC output has low total harmonic distortion. The clean electricity powers safely sensitive devices such as computers and printers. It protects from partial and complete permanent damage.

This Champion gas powered generator comes with 1 120-volt outlet. This should generally do a good job, but I would personally prefer to have two so that I can power more appliances and use them. In addition, there is one 12V DC outlet for charging batteries and devices that use batteries.

The Champion power generator comes with two major safety features. The overload protection technology works to prevent the electric appliances and equipment connected to it from damage. The low oil sensor shuts the engine off automatically when there is not enough fuel for it to run on. That way, the engine is well protected from serious damage.


The surge power output produced by Champion Power Equipment 73536i is 2,000 watts. The power produced when the generator operates continuously is 1,700 watts. I would personally advise you to figure out whether this output meets your needs.

This generator from Champion Power Equipment will run for 10 hours at 25 per cent load when the fuel tank is full. This is a good achievement for such a small and compact device. I find this model quite reliable indeed.

This 2000 watt generator has parallel capabilities as well. You can connect two devices of this type so that they can produce some 3,600 watts of power. I think this is an effective solution when you need more electricity. You simply need to have a kit for connecting the devices.


The amount of electricity produced by Champion 73536i 2000 watt portable generator is not enough for powering a wide range of kitchen appliances, but you can run a number of those in case of an emergency. The main purpose of this portable generator is to power the appliances in recreation vehicles, cabins and campsites. You can also use it for electric tools. If you have a small office, this model may be suitable for your business as well.


There are many things which I like about Champion 73536i portable inverter generator. Here are the main ones:

  • Compactness
  • Portability
  • Good protection from environmental impacts
  • High quality clean energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Quiet operation
  • Durability
  • Safe operation
  • Parallel capabilities
  • 2-year limited warranty
  • Lifetime technical support which is free
  • CARB compliant can be used in all states of the US


In my opinion, there is just one minor flaw that this portable gas generator has:

  • Not particularly versatile – given the fairly small wattage, sometimes you cannot power as many appliances as you would like. For instance, if your recreation vehicle has air conditioning, the produced power may not be sufficient to run it. You can readily avoid this issue if you do some calculations in advance when deciding whether this product is for you.


I think that the Champion Power Equipment 73536i 2000 Watt portable inverter generator is one of the best devices of its type. It is light, compact and durable. It is equipped with the latest technology. You will be able to use it in the long term while saving on fuel. You just need to ensure that it delivers enough power for your needs.

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