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Portable Generator Reviews: DuroMax XP4400 Portable Power Generator

What happens when the lights and all electric appliances go out in the evening? In my restaurants in the Caribbean, my employees switch the portable power generators on and the evening goes as usual. The refrigerated food remains in tact, all specialties are cooked and my clients enjoy fine dining and a great atmosphere. Do you want to have the same in your home or office? Then consider the DuroMax XP4400 Portable Power Generator from the DuroMax.

I decided to come up with objective reviews on popular models to help buyers like me make the best choice for them. I personally prefer portable power generators which are sufficiently powerful and which work effectively and safely. Durability is also important as the investment made in such a device is considerable. Let’s find out if DuroMax XP4400 meets these criteria.

DuroMax XP4400

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Product Description

DuroMax XP4400 power generator has an OHV engine making 6.5 horsepower (if you are looking for 7.0 horsepower, go for the DoroMax XP4400E) which translates into 3,500 watts of electrical output. The surge output of the generator is 4,400 watts. It has a set of diverse outlets and a range of standard safety features. It has a rugged construction. A mobility kit is included in the package and I personally find this to be extremely beneficial.


The OHV motor is undoubtedly the heart of the DuroMax XP4400 portable power generator. It has a single cylinder. An air cooling system prevents overheating which may damage the sensitive parts of the motor. The sturdy construction of the engine is something I appreciate highly. The gasoline for powering the motor is stored in a 4-gallon tank.

You start the DuroMax generator with a recoil start. This is a standard feature and you can expect it to work well. You simply need to pull the recoil and the generator will start working straight away.

There are a number of receptacles you will find on the side panel of the small generator. There are two 120-volt 20-amp outlets which can be used for powering any of the appliances in your home and in your kitchen in particular. The 120/240-volt 30-amp twist lock can be used for powering all kinds of electric tools. The 120-volt DC receptacle is designed for charging batteries and devices which work on rechargeable batteries. This outlet is particularly useful when you go camping.

This power generator comes with a patented voltage selector. The DuroMax RV Switch lets you set the voltage as you like and control it effectively to make the most out of the generator. You can get maximum voltage from the 120-volt outlets. You can easily use both 120 volts and 240 volts power from the generator or just 120 volts depending on your needs. There is a voltmeter which shows you exactly where you stand. I like both features because they allow you to operate the generator as per your individual needs.

This model comes with a circuit breaker protection. Overloads are effectively prevented so you can expect smooth and effective operation of the device for as long as you need to use it. In addition, there is an advanced automatic voltage regulator. It works to protect all of the appliances that you connect to the generator. I like having the peace of mind that my professional kitchen appliances will be in tact irrespective of the way in which they get power.

The low oil shutoff system of DuroMax XP4400 works to protect the engine. Whenever the oil, which lubricates the mechanical parts, gets too low, the engine will be switched off automatically. That way, it is protected from major damage.

The portable power generator is equipped with a spark arrestor. That way, your premises or an outdoor campsite area is effectively protected from fire. This feature is generally a great addition to the quiet exhaust system.

The frame which houses the generators is made from heavy duty steel. Its isolated motor mounts reduce the vibration from the engine and allow for quieter operation. Since the wheel kit is included in the package, it is worth looking at its features as well. The never-flat tires are really big and strong. I am certain that they can take the generator through any kind of terrain. The handle is super easy to use and to fold next to the frame when not in use.


DuroMax XP4400 Power GeneratorThis portable power generator makes 3,500 watts of output when run on a continuous basis. The maximum amount of power which it can produce is equal to 4,400 watts. The continuous output of 3,500 watts is sufficient for powering a fridge, a computer, a TV set and a number of lights at the same time. You can power your stove, microwave, washing machine and water heater individually.

The run time of the DuroMax XP4400 gas powered portable generator at 50 per cent load when the tank is full is 8 hours. I have to say that it could have been better, but it is still fine. Hopefully, frequent refueling will not be necessary.

Quiet operation has become extremely important for portable power generators. You will hear 69 dB of noise from this one when you are around seven meters away from it. This is not the lowest noise level, but it should not bother you when you work or sleep.


I think that DuroMax is quite versatile thanks to its good output superb portability. Both small businesses can use it in case of a power outage and households can use it as home power generator. You can also use it for recreational purposes especially if you are passionate about camping. Construction contractors can use it to run their power tools on different project sites.


DuroMax XP4400 Portable Power GeneratorThe things I like about this backup generator are as follows:

  • Extremely versatile
  • Safe to use
  • Strong and durable
  • Fairly quiet
  • Reliable


I did not manage to find many drawbacks of this model. Here is one:

  • The warranty is for just one year – most products are covered for at least two years and some even for three. I think that the warranty should cover a longer period of time simply because power generators are meant to be used in the long term.


You will certainly get to use the lights and appliances which you need in your home or office when you have the DuroMax XP4400 4,400 Watt 6.5 HP OHV 4-Cycle gas powered portable generator at hand. It has all the qualities which you need from such a device.

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