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Portable Generator Reviews: Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 Portable 800-Watt Inverter Generator


When there is no power, you cannot go on with your daily life as usual. With a backup generator, however, you can at least stay safe, eat normally, follow the news and keep your cell phone up and running. I personally find these devices invaluable for my restaurant business in the Caribbean. I use my experience as a buyer and user to review the latest top sellers so that I can help those who are less versed in the subject. Consider my review of the Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 portable 800-watt inverter generator.

In order to make this Earthquake IG800W review useful, I will assess all of the features and capabilities of the devices in detail. I will discuss who it is useful for. With the full list of pros and cons, you will be able to compare this device to other models. You will certainly be able to make the right decision after reading the conclusion.

Earthquake IG800W

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Product Description

The Earthquake IG800W portable inverter generator uses a 40cc 4-cycle OHV Viper engine to run. It measures 15.6 by 8.2 by 14 inches and weighs 21 pounds. It features one 120-volt AC outlet and one 12-volt DC outlet. It comes with a circuit breaker and light alerts for overload and low oil. It has a run time of 14 hours per 1 gallon of fuel. It has an economic mode as well.

Features of the Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 Portable 800-Watt Inverter Generator

This portable generator has a very compact design. It is quite light as well. It weighs around a third less compared to most of the devices in its category. You can readily keep it on a shelve in your garage. The handle at the top is quite tough and has good ergonomic design. It makes the device even easier to carry around. The housing of the unit helps to reduce the noise during operation and this is another great benefit to have. I personally appreciate this quite a lot.

Earthquake IG800W Inverter GeneratorThe 4-cycle OHV engine of Earthquake IG800W is a superb performer. It runs smoothly and dependably. It is fairly quiet as well. It comes with a recoil start which is a breeze to use. Usually, you will need no more than two pulls to get the motor up and running. It is easy to add fuel and oil. You should be able to do it quickly and without any hassle.

The economic mode allows you to use less fuel and to save more money. It is a highly useful feature to have. The best part is that you can engage it with the push of a button. I like this feature very much.

The two outlets of Earthquake IG800W 800-watt generator correspond perfectly to the power capabilities of the unit. They are positioned on its front panel so plugging any tools, appliances or other device should be super convenient. It is great to be able to use AC appliances and to power gadgets with rechargeable batteries at the same time.

The safety features of this portable inverter generator are basic, but they are extremely useful and reliable. The circuit breaker functions superbly. It has an instant reset function which is quite helpful. With the alert for overload, you will know instantly if the device which you want to power uses more energy than the generator can provide. The low oil alert is also a valuable feature to have, especially given the compact tank of the generator.


Earthquake IG800W Portable GeneratorThe Earthquake IG800W inverter generator uses special technology for eliminating the surging of power. It produces the so called pure sine wave. As a result, it is safe for powering all sorts of sensitive electronic devices. The list includes smartphones, tablets, laptops and flat-screen TV sets. This is an amazing capability which is extremely useful in a power outage when you need to be able to contact others and follow the news. The inverter technology works flawlessly to give you the highest possible level of safe device powering and charging.

With the 800 watts which this portable generator produces, it is certainly not among the most powerful devices of its kind. However, it gives you enough power to run a fan and a few lights, to charge smart devices or to keep the TV on. If you are at the office, you may also be able to power a desktop computer or a printer.

This portable gas inverter generator has very good fuel efficiency. It can produce power for 14 hours with just one gallon of fuel. You may have to refill the tank only once a day or once every two days.

Who Can Use the Earthquake IG800W model 11613 Inverter Generator?

Earthquake IG800W Portable Inverter GeneratorThis portable inverter generator is extremely versatile. It can be used for powering sensitive electronic equipment and for keeping the lights on during a power outage. In such situations, it can be particularly useful for businesses. It is a great accessory for those who love camping. It can give you high-quality entertainment in the wilderness. It gives you great flexibility when you need to power tools outside of your house for various kinds of projects.

Pros of this Earthquake Generator

The benefits of Earthquake IG800W are:

  • Portability – This portable generator is so compact and light that you can take it absolutely anywhere with you.
  • Powering sensitive equipment – You will be able to keep on all of your smart devices with this inverter generator.
  • Great convenience – It is easy to add oil and fuel and to start and use the device. Besides, it is quiet and you can set it anywhere.
  • Fuel efficiency – You will enjoy excellent performance without spending a lot on fuel.
  • Complete safety – All items which you power will be perfectly well protected from damage thanks to the invertor technology, the circuit breaker and the alerts.
  • Reliability and durability – You can expect perfect operation for years to come.
  • CARB compliance – You can use this device in any state.


The drawbacks of this portable inverter generator are:

  • The oil port is behind a panel with screws – This means that you have to unscrew it and remove it for adding oil. This is not a major drawback, however.
  • You have to wait for the engine to cool for a few minutes before restarting – Again, this is not a serious issue.


Overall, the Earthquake IG800W Model 11613 portable 800-watt inverter generator is a mobile, versatile and super practical device. It is effective and dependable. It has only insignificant drawbacks. It is an excellent choice for households, businesses, camping enthusiasts and hobbyists.

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