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Portable Generator Reviews: ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator

The reason why I use portable generator is that they help me run my business. I am an owner of a bunch of small restaurants on different islands in the Caribbean and I use generators to get power when there is an outage. That way, I ensure that all the food which I have invested in is protected and that my clients remain happy as the restaurants continue to operate irrespective of the situation. I am absolutely certain that every household and small business requires such a device. That is why I decided to review some of the most popular products on the market including the ETQ TG32P12 4,000 Watt 7 HP 207cc 4-Cycle OHV gas powered portable generator.

In this review, I will focus extensively on the features and capabilities of the ETQ generator and evaluate them thoroughly. In general, this is what I do every time I am buying a new portable gas generator. It is essential to asses a portable generator before investing in it.

ETQ TG32P12 Portable Generator

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Product Description

ETQ TG32P12 is a 4000 watt generator with a 7 horsepower engine and a standard recoil start. It has a set of standard outlets and safety features. The most notable feature of the device is the innovative Sine Power technology allowing for the production of clean and safe electricity.


The engine making 7 horsepower is the heart of this gas powered generator. The electrical power surge output is 4,000 watts while the continuous output is 3,250 watts. The motor has a sturdy cast iron construction. The air cooling system takes the heat away from the engine effectively so the risk of failure and damage is reduced to the very minimum.

The recoil start of ETQ generator is fairly easy to use and quick to work. You just need to pull the recoil. I think that this feature is quite good, but an electric start would have made things a lot easier. Besides, it would match the technologically advanced system for clean electrical energy.

What is the Sine Power technology all about? This alternator system is designed to produce power with very low total harmonic distortion. This means that the electronic current produced is steady and what experts will call clean. Basically, the electricity produced is of excellent quality so it is good enough to power even the most sensitive devices such as desktop computers, laptops and printers. I believe that the Sine Power technology is one of the major advantages of this model.

ETQ generator is equipped with a dual 120-volt 20-amp outlet, one120/240-volt 30-amp twist lock and one 120-volt 30-amp twist lock. These are standard receptacles and it is essential that they come with every portable generator. They provide the versatility required from such a device.

The fuel tank has a capacity of 4 gallons. It comes along with a fuel gauge which indicates the level of gas left. It will be super easy for you to figure out when to refuel the generator. I think that this volume is perfectly sufficient given the size and capabilities of the motors. You do not need a larger fuel tank one for such an engine.

One of the main safety features of gas powered generator is the low oil shutoff system. Whenever the oil runs low, the engine will simply stop working. That way, it will be protected from major damage.

The oversized muffler is another feature worth your attention. The larger size is intended to reduce the level of noise produced. The measured noise level at 7 meters is 65 dB. This is certainly one of the lowest noise levels I have seen, but some people may still find the device fairly loud when it operation.

The ETQ TG32P12 Gas Powered Generator is mounted on a frame with rolled tube construction. The tubes are made from steel and will certainly remain intact in the long term. A wheel kit with a handle is included in the package. It makes the home generator perfectly mobile.


Home GeneratorThis 4000 watt generator produces 4,000 watts of surge output and 3,250 watts of continuous output. This allows you to power together a number of devices. The group includes sump pump, toaster, TV set, computer, electric fan and lights. You can also charge your cell phone. You can power appliances individually. These include refrigerators, stoves, water heaters, washing machines and microwave ovens.

The run time of the gas generator at 50 per cent load is 13 hours when the fuel tank is full. This is one of the best run times I have seen and I consider it to be a great advantage. It is great to know that you can keep everything under control for such a long period of time without the need of refueling.


You can use emergency generator for a variety of purposes. You can use it to get power in your home when there is an outage. It is suitable for small businesses. It will allow you to continue your work during an outage. The generator can be used for recreational purposes. You can use it when you go camping, for instance. Contractors can use it to power their electric equipment on different job sites.


Here is a summary of the major benefits and advantage of ETQ generator:

  • Easy start and smooth operation
  • Good-quality, clean and sensitive energy
  • Versatile power outlets
  • Effective safety features
  • Lower noise levels compared to most counterparts
  • Good portability
  • Sturdy and durable construction


Here are the drawbacks of the model:

  • The home generator is still a bit loud, despite the reduced noise levels. There is little you can do about this especially given that its counterparts are louder.
  • Pouring oil is a little bit difficult and inconvenient. The good news is that the problem can be effectively solved with the use of a standard funnel.


Overall, I think that despite the minor flaws, the ETQ TG32P12 portable generator is a produce of excellent quality that is made to work efficiently and to remain intact in the long term. I would certainly recommend it.

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