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Portable Generator Reviews: Honeywell HW7500E OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator

What do you do when the power goes out? Most people would light candles, sit in the dark and wait. But what if the power outage goes for hours and possibly for a day or more? In such situations, portable generators are invaluable. I run a business which cannot afford to go without power. That is why I rely on such devices and that is why I decided to review a number of popular portable generator models. Read this review of the Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Watt 15 HP 420cc OHV portable gas powered home generator with electric start to decide whether it is for you.

In this Honeywell HW7500E review, I will describe thoroughly the features of the device and evaluate them. I will outline the pros and cons for you as well. I feel obliged to share a few tips as I have been using portable power generators for quite some time in my restaurants in the Caribbean. Hopefully, they will come in handy for you too. The most important think is for the product in question to be evaluated thoroughly.

Honeywell HW7500E OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator

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Product Description

Honeywell HW7500E runs at 7,500 watts. It can produce as much as 9,375 watts. This model is the most powerful in the HW series. Its electric start is one of its most notable features. The safety features the device comes with are worth your attention as well. A number of additional accessories are included in the product’s package.

Features of Honeywell HW7500E OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator

The Honeywell portable generator measures 29 by 27 by 29 inches. It weighs 210 pounds. I can assure you that this device is quite compact especially given the amount of power which it can produce. It is not among the lightest machines of this type, but it certainly does not weigh a lot. Besides, it is mounted on a frame with wheels so it is perfectly mobile.

Speaking of the portability of the generator, the wheels come equipped with never-flat tires. This adds greatly to the reliability of the device. The high-leverage handle allows you to transport the machine without much effort. You will certainly find it convenient to take the device out of the garage and into the kitchen.

The 420cc Honeywell engine is literally the heart of the generator. Its cast-ironed sleeved structure makes it extremely sturdy and durable. It produces 7,500 watts on average, but it can make 9,375 watts.

The device runs on gasoline. The fuel is kept in a 6.5-gallon tank. The tank’s capacity is good, but I have seen bigger. In fact, many of the competitors have bigger tanks which allow their generators to run for longer. Still, this model scores pretty good and is certainly above the average in terms of length of electricity provision.

Honeywell portable gas generator comes with an electric start. As I mentioned earlier, I value this feature greatly. The electric start is battery operated. This means that no effort is required to use it. In order to start the generator, you simply need to push a button. This is simple, easy and quick. Furthermore, you can be certain that the device will start working straight away.

I appreciate the power control center which has simplified controls. The start controls with color coding cannot leave you confused irrespective of how tech savvy you are. The Smart Start features are designed to ensure that you will set up and start the device without much hassle.

One the side of the Honeywell portable home generator, you will find 4 15/20-Amp 120-volt AC outlets. Right next to them is a L14-30-Amp 120/240-volt AC outlet. These allow you to power the main lights in your home and a range of appliances. A 4-in-1 power cable is included in the package for convenience.

The SurePower Alternator regulates the voltage so that all of the appliances run safely without the slightest risk of getting damaged. This feature is extremely valuable. Without it, you risk losing expensive items such as your fridge, computer and cell phone.

Other notable safety features include overload protection and low-oil protection. These will ensure that your generator will continue to run safely and efficiently in the long term.

The manufacturer of Honeywell portable gas powered generator has included 1 liter of oil and an oil funnel in the package. These items are of great help when it comes to maintenance. I like the fact that the company strives to make the use of their products easy and convenient.


This portable generator from Honeywell is quite powerful being rated at 7,500 watts and being capable of producing 9,375 watts. It enables you to run a number of appliances at the same time. Along with a number of lights, you can keep your refrigerator, microwave, computer, TV, electric fan, furnace fan, stump pump, security system and window AC working. You can power a number of items individually – a stove, electric water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, or a set of electric appliances in the kitchen.

The 6.5-gallon fuel tank allows Honeywell HW7500E to run for 7 hours at 50 per cent load. This is generally a good running time, but a lot of competitors of this model can run for longer. One good thing, however, is that thanks to the large muffler, the device operates quietly.


This portable home generator is suitable for home use and for business use as well. It will certainly be invaluable to any household or business owner in case of a power outage. You can use it to power all appliances in a trailer when going camping. Contractors can use it when they work on different job sites.


The benefits of Honeywell HW7500E OHV generator that I appreciate the most are:

  • Great power
  • User-friendly start
  • Good capacity
  • Superb portability
  • Quiet operation
  • Versatility
  • 3-year limited warranty


The maximum running time could have been longer. This is the only drawback that I can think of. In general, the running time should be sufficient in case of a power outage, but more is always better, as they say.


I think that the Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Watt 15 HP 420cc OHV portable gas powered home generator will do an excellent job. It is easy to set up and to use and will power all of the appliances which you need. It is reliable and will continue to be of great help in the long term.

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