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The Importance of Getting A High Quality Portable Power Generator

I am sure that you are aware of the general tradeoff – when you buy a product of high quality, you pay more money, but at the same time, you will be able to use it more effectively and for longer. Despite this, all people, me included, still need convincing that spending more money now will give you much higher returns in the future. Now I am going to explain why you need to buy a high quality portable power generator.

I have bought only top quality items for my small restaurants in the Caribbean and I am more than glad that I did not go for the lower cost options. Now I enjoy flawless and reliable operation every time during a power cut. Care and maintenance are super easy and simple. I can say that everything is perfect for me, but let’s focus on you and your future generator now.

Importance of Getting A High Quality Portable Power Generator

Powerful, Strong and Durable OHV Engine

A high quality portable power generator will have a powerful, strong and durable OHV engine with cast iron sleeve. What this means for you is that, the engine will work flawlessly for years to come. This is further guaranteed by air cooling and a low oil shutoff system. It is crucial for the engine to be of good quality as its replacement may be more expensive than a new generator. A poorly built engine will start malfunctioning quickly and cost you a lot of money to get repaired.


Reliable start is another feature that you can expect from a high quality generator and that will benefit you as its user. It does no matter whether there is a recoil start or an electric start. When the generator is designed to be perfect, you can expect it to start operating smoothly instantly after the first time you pull the recoil or press the electric start button. With a poor quality device, you may pull the recoil numerous times before you get it to work. The battery of the electric start may always stay empty making it impossible to take advantage of this feature.

Versatile Outlets

Versatile outlets are standard features of good quality portable generators. You can expect to find two 120-volt 20-amp outlets, a 120/240-volt 30 amp twist lock and a DC outlet for battery charging at least. All of these will come in handy during outages, in RVs and for using power tools. The poor quality models typically come with a limited number of outlets and you may not be able to use them as effectively as you would like. You may end up realizing that the portable generator you have bought is completely useless for the purposes which you got it for in the first place.

Safety Features

The safety features of a good quality portable power generator are of good quality too. A poor quality model may have circuit breaker protection, low oil shutoff, a voltmeter and other safety features, but you really have to ask yourself how effective and reliable these will be in case something goes wrong. I feel obliged to highlight the fact that unsafe use of electrical power may lead not only to damage of appliances, but to bodily injuries and even death. That is why it is certainly worth paying more for quality.


A good quality portable generator is perfectly portable indeed. You can expect it to come with rugged pneumatic wheels with never-flat tires and a handle that is strong, durable and convenient to use. With the help of these features, you will be able to move the device over any kind of terrain. This is invaluable in case of a natural disaster when the elements threaten to destroy the device and put your life at risk as well. If the wheels, tires and handle are of poor quality, the generator may get stuck in the mud or easily slip on the icy surface and hit the nearby wall. Why risk this and your safety when the whole moving from one place to another can go smoothly?

Long Running Time

Long running time is one of the most valuable benefits you can expect to get from a portable power generator of good quality. Once you pour fuel into the tank, the device will keep working for long hours without the need of refueling. This is extremely beneficial especially when there is bad weather outside and for people who have mobility problems. Just imagine what it will be like to have a poorly performing device that needs refueling every couple of hours. You will certainly not feel at ease.

Quiet Operation

All of the good quality models available at present boast with quiet operation. This is invaluable when you want to rest or work and especially when you have small kids. The less technologically advanced generators typically produce quite a lot of noise. It can be annoying for everyone around. You may even get into a conflict with your neighbors. Needless to say, this is definitely not desirable in an emergency situation.

A Final Word

My advice is: go for a high quality portable power generator.

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