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Portable Generator Reviews: Blue Max GEN 4000 Gas Powered Generator

You need power for literally everything – cooking a meal, taking a warm shower and doing your work on your computer. That is why it feels as if life comes to an almost full stop when there is a power cut. Portable power generators will prevent you from going back to the Stone Age. I use such devices in my small restaurants on different Caribbean islands and I can safely say that they work excellently to protect my investment and my business. I decided to share my knowledge and experience by reviewing a number of popular models such as the Blue Max GEN 4000 watt generator.

There are various qualities I expect from a portable power generator. It has to produce good quality electricity and run reliably and smoothly. Durability is essential for me as I want to make the most out of my investment. Good portability is also a great plus especially in case of an emergency situation. Let’s find out if this power generator can offer all of these things to users like you and me.

Blue Max Generator 4000 Watt

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Blue Max GEN 4000 comes with a 6.5 OHV engine. The power generator uses gas to run just like most of its counterparts. It comes with a recoil start. It has standard outlets and safety features.

Features of the Blue Max GEN 4000 watt Portable Generator

The OHV engine making 6.5 horsepower is the main feature of the Blue Max GEN power generator. The motor has an air cooling system. This system protects it from overheating which can easily damage sensitive metal parts. The mechanical power output translates into 4,000 watts of electrical power.

The engine of this 4000 watt generator uses a low oil protection system, which is another feature worth your attention. This system works to detect when the oil is too low for the motor to operate safely. In such cases, the system shuts off the motor automatically. That way, it is protected from damage which may turn out to be permanent. This feature is standard, but I cannot help but highlight how important it is for the safe long term operation of this power generator.

The Blue Max generator has a standard recoil start. You need to pull the recoil in order to get the generator working. It is as simple as this. The device is fairly quick to start and this is something which I value highly. You would not want to have to pull the recoil over and over again before the generator begins working especially when there is a bunch of people panicking about the power cut in the other room.

This portable power generator has a dual 120-volt outlet. Most of its counterparts have a twist lock in addition to this outlet, but the reality is that the standard dual outlet is perfectly sufficient for the basic needs of households, small businesses and contractors using powered tools such as drills and electric saws. I think that the model will come in handy even if it does not score particularly high in terms of versatility.

The fuel tank of this gas powered generator has a capacity of 3.96 gallons. This is the typical capacity of fuel tanks for power generators making between 3,500 and 4,500 watts of electrical power. The feature can be considered standard so I would not classify it as a special advantage of this model.

The oversize muffler is one of the features of this model that I find particularly useful. The muffler is designed so that it produces less noise. As a result, the gas powered portable generator operates fairly quietly. Of course, it is not silent, but the noise it makes is perfectly bearable even places like my restaurants where people expect a fully relaxing atmosphere.


Blue Max GEN 4000 makes 4,000 watts of power. This output is sufficient for powering a refrigerator, microwave and a number of lights at the same time. What more can you possibly want during a power outage when you are at home? You can use other combinations of devices as well. During the summer, for example, you can turn a cooling fan on plus a TV, a coffee maker and a toaster.

There are also appliances which you can power individually. These include air conditioner, a room heater, a water heater, a stove, a washing machine and a garage door. You can go on with your life as usual even when there is a power outage. As long as you pour fuel into the tank, you can expect this gas powered generator to produce power for days.


You can use Blue Max generator during power outages in your home or in your office. Just like households, small businesses can use this portable power generator to power their equipment and go on with their work as usual. The generator can be used for recreational purposes as well. With it, you can get more power for your recreational vehicle or boat. You can use it on campsites to power various portable appliances.

Contractors and home owners can use this gas powered portable generator for their powered tools. This portable generator produces sufficient output to help you get the task at hand done without wasting time and effort. You can readily take it with you to different project sites or parts of the house.


The main benefits of Blue Max 4000 watt generator which I found are:

  • Reliability
  • Durability
  • Versatile uses
  • Fairly quiet operation
  • 3-year warranty on parts
  • 1-year warranty on labor


There is one drawback which I noticed:

  • The Blue Max power generator does not come with a mobility kit – there are no wheels and handlebar included in the package. You will have to purchase a platform with wheels if you want to take the device from one place to another more easily and quickly. In general, you can carry it, but you will most certainly need another person to help you out as the generator weighs over 100 lbs.


The Blue Max GEN 4000 4,000 Watt 6.5 HP OHV Gas Powered Generator is a good choice primarily because of its smooth and quiet operation and reliability. It is useful for many different things. You can expect it to work well in the long term.

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