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Portable Generator Reviews: Briggs & Stratton 30468 5,500 Watt 305cc Gas Powered Portable Generator

We are extremely dependant on electricity even for the most basic things such as keeping food fresh. That is why it is certainly a good idea to invest in a portable generator as a backup. The market offers a huge selection which is overwhelming for most buyers. As a seasoned buyer and user of such devices, I decided to help those with less experience by reviewing the current top sellers. Here is my review of the Briggs & Stratton 30468 5,500 watt 305cc gas powered portable generator with wheel kit.

In this Briggs and Stratton 5500 Watt Generator review, I will provide assessment of the features and capabilities of Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator and discuss who it is suitable for. I will summarize the model’s benefits and drawbacks and make a conclusion based on them. I will start by describing the product.

Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator

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The Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator uses a 1650 Series OHV engine, which produces 6,875 watts of surge power and 5,500 watts of continuous power. The engine is paired with a patented Surge Power alternator and a recoil start. The Briggs and Stratton generator has up to 10 hours of run time when it is operated at 50% load. The other major features include 10-inch never go flat wheel, folding handle and 5-gallon fuel tank. The model has 4 120-volt AC outlets, 1 120/240 volt outlet and a 30-amp locking outlet. They have rubber covers.

Features of Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt Generator

I’ll start with reviewing the design of Briggs & Stratton 30468. The metal frame is sturdy and keeps it fairly compact. I like the foldable handle very much mainly because it is big and has heavy duty construction. The never go flat wheels are not only big but heave a great tread as well. They are designed to help you overcome all kinds of challenges when it comes to moving the generator from one place to another. Overall, the design is perfect in every respect. It allows for reliable performance and durability.

The patented 1650 Series OHV engine is the heart of this Briggs & Stratton generator. It has technologically advanced and solid construction. You can be certain about its durability. It is a great performer too. It runs without glitches and produces a lot less noise than many of its counterparts. It has good fuel efficiency as well.

The high surge power which Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt portable generator has is thanks to the patented Surge Power alternator. It works to provide a 25% boost. It allows you to power a number of different appliances together.

If you have had bad experiences with recoil starts, you can rest assured that they will remain a distant past with this generator. Its recoil start works flawlessly. It starts the engine with just a few pulls which do not require much effort. The weather cannot affect its performance.

You get a good number of outlets with this Briggs and Stratton portable generator. The reality is that you do not need more. You will be able to power several appliances without a problem. I appreciate the rubber covers which go over the outlets. They can save you quite a lot of trouble and money by providing effective protection from the elements.

The tank is sufficiently large to allow for a long run time while being quite strong and durable at the same time. The fuel gauge lets you keep an eye on the fuel level at all times and to prevent issues associated with low levels. The hour meter also helps you to ensure that you will not go out of power all of a sudden.


The Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator produces more power than most of its competitors in the market. This means that you can power more appliances with it. In general, it is suitable for running one large appliance and several smaller ones like your fridge, microwave and TV plus the lights in your house. If you have appliances with good energy efficiency, you can power your coffeemaker too.

This 5500 watt generator performs flawlessly. It can run for some 10 hours without topping when it operates at 50% load. This makes it a reliable performer as well. It should never give you a headache. It is not as loud as you’d expect. It is fairly easy to set up, to use and to maintain.

Who Can Use The Briggs and Stratton 30468?

Both families and business owners can take advantage of Briggs & Stratton 30468. It is powerful enough to help you manage in case of a long-lasting power outage. It is not hard for a healthy adult to transport it. When it comes to its business use, it can be utilized as a backup. This makes it suitable for small businesses of various types. Contractors can use it on job sites as well.


The benefits of the Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator are:

  • Superb performance – This device will never fail you.
  • Perfect mobility – You can move it over any terrain without much effort.
  • Great functionality – It will give you power when you need it and for as long as you need it.
  • Ease of use – You will not have any issues with the assembly, use and maintenance
  • Durability – It is strong and will last for a long time.
  • 2-year warranty – This is standard feature, but it is extremely beneficial to have it.


The drawbacks of this model are:

  • You have to keep an eye on the oil – This is because this model does not have low oil shut off.
  • Cables are purchased separately – This is not a serious problem at all, however.


The verdict of this review is that the Briggs & Stratton 30468 5,500 watt 305cc gas powered portable generator is a great choice for every family and for every small business as well. It has excellent construction and offers powerful performance. You can rely on it completely even if the power outage lasts for days. You can expect to use it for many years to come thanks to its great durability. Briggs and Stratton 30468 5500 watt generator makes a great long-term investment that you will be totally happy about.

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