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Portable Generator Reviews: Generac GP7500E Portable Generator

In case of a power outage, a portable generator will help you to stay safe, warm and fed and to keep up with the latest development of the situation. But how do you select the right one among the many different options available? I have experience in this as I use such devices in my restaurants in the Caribbean. This is how I decided to review popular models. Consider my review of the Generac GP7500E 7,500 Watt 420cc OHV portable gas powered generator with electric start.

In this Generac GP7500E review, I will focus on evaluating the features and capabilities of the device. I will discuss who it is suitable for as well. You will also find a detailed list of pros and cons and a conclusion, which will help you make the right decision.

Generac GP7500E Generator

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Product Description 

Generac GP7500E is a portable power generator with an 420cc OHV engine and fuel tank capacity of 7.5 gallons. It produces surge power of 9,375 watts and continuous power output of 7,500 watts. It has an electric start, low-oil shutdown function and five outlets with circuit breaker protection. It features an hour meter and low-tone muffler. The device is set in a tubular steel frame and comes with never-flat wheels and foldable handle.

Features of the Generac GP7500E Portable Generator

The first thing which you notice about this portable generator is the design. The engine is well shielded from the elements. The tubular frame which holds the components in place is quite sturdy and reliable thanks to it hard steel make. The handle is one of the features which I like the most. It has perfectly ergonomic grip and gets folded down neatly when not in use. The big never-flat wheels are also quite impressive. The tread is quite rugged. You can readily take the generator through a muddy area.

The 420cc OHV engine of Generac GP7500E generator is a great performer in every respect. It operates dependably without glitches. It has splash lubrication for even smoother performance and greater durability. I appreciate highly this engineering solution. The low-oil shutdown function also works effectively to keep the engine protected. The fuel tank is big, strong and easy to fill up. The fuel gauge is easy to read so you should not worry about the device shutting off unexpectedly.

The electric start of this portable generator works superbly. It is super convenient to use. The best part, for me, is that there is recoil backup. You can be certain that the engine will start operating quickly in practically any weather.

The 5 outlets of Generac GP7500E portable generator are perfectly sufficient for powering a set of appliances individually. They have dependable circuit breaker protection for maximum safety. All of the outlets are covered and this also helps immensely for keeping them in good condition.

One of the other notable features is the hour meter. It comes with special maintenance alerts which are quite helpful. When you provide proper maintenance, you can expect optimal performance in the long term.


The large capacity of Generac GP7500E makes it fully capable of powering most of the major appliances in a house at the same time. Thanks to the 7,500 watts of output produced, you can run the lights, a heater or cooler, the fridge and other appliances for preparing food, getting water supply or washing your clothes at the same time. You do not have to change your daily routine because of a power cut.

The run time of this portable generator at 50% load is 12 hours. This is comparable to the best performers in the market. Once you fill up the tank, you can have complete peace of mind about the power supply throughout the whole day or night. When it comes to noise production, the low-tone muffler helps to reduce the decibels considerably. This unit is not the quietest that you can find, but it is certainly not disturbingly loud.

Who Can Use This Generac 7500 watt Generator  

This portable generator is perfectly suitable for households that want to keep most of their appliances running during a power outage. It is a fine option for families who have small children and cannot afford to go by without preparing food or washing clothes daily. Small to medium-sizes businesses in various industries can also use it to keep their basic operations running.


The positive things about Generac GP7500E are:

  • Great portability – The ergonomic handle and the big wheels facilitate the movement of the unit excellently.
  • Large power output – The generator produces enough power to run all of the major appliances in a house.
  • Dependable performance – You can expect the device to work smoothly at all times.
  • Convenient use – Both the outlets and the controls are easy to reach and to operate.
  • Easy assembly and maintenance – It takes minutes to attach the wheels and handle while for maintenance, you will get alerts from the hour meter.
  • Complete safety – Both the engine of the device and the appliances powered with it receive reliable protection via the low-oil shutdown function and the circuit breakers respectively.
  • Excellent durability – All of the components from the steel frame to the engine are well made, sturdy and resistant to damage.


The negative things about this portable generator are:

  • The battery for the electric start does not get charged by the engine, but requires separate charging – This is not a serious issue, but you must not forget about this detail if you want to use the electric start at all times.
  • Oil filling is not particularly easy due to the specific location of the filling point – Still, this problem can be resolved with the use of a longer funnel which is flexible.


Despite having some drawbacks, the Generac GP7500E 7,500 Watt 420cc OHV portable gas powered generator with electric start is a good performer overall. It powers a large number of appliances and works dependably. It is also easy to use and to keep in good shape. It is certainly worth considering as it can make a great backup source of power for the home.

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