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Portable Generator Reviews: Honeywell HW6200 OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator

No home or business premises can function properly without electricity. I know from experience exactly how important power is as I own a number of restaurants on Caribbean islands, which are popular tourist destinations and which, unfortunately, have power outages frequently. I use portable power generators to deal with such problems and to provide only the best to my clients. I decided to review some of the most popular models including the Honeywell HW6200 7,750 Watt 13 HP 389cc OHV portable gas powered home generator.

In this review of Honeywell HW6200, I will focus on its features, capabilities, benefits and drawbacks. When I invest in any kind of equipment, I need to be absolutely certain that it will perform well and keep working in the long term. Of course, I always make sure that the item will cater to my individual needs fully. You may want to take these tips into account when shopping for portable power generators, but let’s now focus on the reviewed model.

Product Description

The Honeywell HW6200 portable generator is capable of producing a maximum of 7,750 watts. It is mounted on a frame with wheels so that it is perfectly portable. It has a range of safety features. It runs on gasoline like most of its counterparts. Below I will describe its features in detail.

Honeywell HW6200 Portable Gas Powered Home Generator review

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Features of the Honeywell HW6200 Portable Generator

Honeywell HW6200 measures 29 by 27 by 29 inches. This makes it fairly compact, even though it is not among the smallest portable power generators. The device weighs 195 pounds. This is an average weight for a machine of this type.

The generator is equipped with the 389cc Honeywell Engine. The cast-ironed sleeved motor is designed to perform excellently and to be reliable and durable. It is rated at 6,200 watts. This is the power output which it can produce on average. The maximum amount of power it can produce is 7,750 watts.

The recoil start is another major feature of the device. I personally think that a recoil start is less quick to work than an electric start so I would advise you to watch out for this. If you go for this model, you will be able to use starting controls which are coded in different colors. This will certainly make the operation of the device a whole lot easier in case of a power outage.

You can power a range of appliances with Honeywell HW6200 Gas Generator thanks to the 4 15/20-Amp 120-volt AC outlets that it comes with. In addition, you get one L14-30-Amp 120/240-volt AC outlet. All of the outlets are positioned on the side of the device so that they are easy to work with. I appreciate this as it is really important for me to restore the power in my restaurants quickly. The package included a power cord which is of the four in one type and this is also very handy.

One of the features of this portable power generator from Honeywell that I like best is the SurePower Alternator. It delivers electricity with fully regulated voltage. That way, it ensures that all of the appliances that you power work properly and are fully protected from electrical damage.

The Honeywell HW6200 Home Generator comes with a 6.5-gallon fuel tank. This is not the largest of tanks available with portable power generators, but it is still sufficiently big. The engine runs on gasoline. This is not the most economic of fuels, but it is very easily accessible and this makes it a great option especially in emergencies.

There are a number of features that ensure the safe and reliable powering of the motor. The fuel gauge is particularly useful. I find it very convenient that the device has low-oil protection. This ensures its optimal operation at all times. There is overload protection as well.

The oversized muffler is one of the features of this generator that I like best. It provides for the smooth and quiet operation of the device. Indeed, you will not hear annoying noises when it is in operation.


This Honeywell generator runs at 6,200 watts on average and this is a considerable amount of power. It can produce as much as 7,750 watts. With the power produced, you can run the lights on the property and, at the same time, a number of appliances – a fridge, a microwave, a computer, a television set, an electric fan and the security system. You can charge mobile phones too. Individually, you can power a well pump, a stove, a dishwasher, a washing machine, an electric water heater or a range of appliances in your kitchen.

The volume of the tank ensures that this portable gas generator can run for 8 hours at 50 per cent load. This is an average achievement when compared to other devices. Still, I think that this is perfectly sufficient for an average household or business premises.


This gas powered generator can be used by medium-sized and small businesses and by average-sized households to get electricity when there is a power outage. It can be used by contractors who have to work on different locations. This device will help them be even more mobile. It can be used for recreational purposes as well. You can use it to power the lights and all appliances in a trailer.


The benefits of Honeywell HW6200 are:

  • Fairly powerful
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • Quite light
  • Appliance protection
  • Quiet operation
  • Helpful accessories are included in the package – power cord, funnel and oil
  • Comes with a 3-year limited warranty


Recoil start – This is the only drawback of this portable power generator. It does not start the operation of the motor as quickly as its electric counterparts. Furthermore, it may not start with the first pull, but with the second one. Speaking from experience, I can say that this can be quite frustrating especially in case on an emergency.


I would definitely recommend the Honeywell HW6200 OHV portable gas powered home generator. It is sturdy and reliable. It is compact and easy to move around. Most importantly, it produces a sufficient amount of power to allow you to continue with your business operation or with your normal life at home even during a power outage.

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