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Portable Generator Reviews: WEN 56352 3,500 watt Generator

It is easy and quick to get everything running again during a power outage. Portable power generators are designed to power a range of electric appliances and equipment at the same time plus the lights on the premises. I cannot go without the portable power generators in my business. I own small restaurants in the Caribbean and I need to serve fresh food and make my clients feel comfortable at all times. In general, these devices are invaluable for both households and businesses so I decided to review some of the most popular products in the market including the WEN 56352 3500 Watt 212cc 7 HP  OHV Gas Powered Portable Generator.

I will evaluate the features and capabilities of WEN 56352 relying on my experience and knowledge. In general, I always assess carefully a device before purchasing it to ensure that it offers everything I need for the price which I can afford to pay. It is as simple as this. See how it is done in this review.

WEN 56352 3500 watt Generator

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Product Description

The WEN 56352 3500 watt generator is designed to be used in case of power outages and for powering electric equipment and tools on job sites. It comes with a 7.0 horsepower engine. It is equipped with a range of modern safety features. The wheel kit is included in the package so transportation from one point to another should be easy and convenient.


The one-cylinder OHV engine of WEN 56352 produces 3,000 watts of running output and 3,500 watts of surge output. The electric powered is delivered to the different appliances and devices via two 120-volt outlets and one 120/240 outlet. There is a 12V DC outlet in cigarette style. You can use it to charge batteries. I like the battery charging feature as it allows you to use all kinds of devices in case of an emergency from mobile phones to torches.

The voltage selector switch and the voltage indicator lights are major features of the generator worth evaluating. These allow you to get the voltage right so that you can power all the appliances and devices which you need without putting them at risk of damage. I highly value the fact that the voltage can be regulated as this allows me to protect the investment which I have made in commercial kitchen appliances.

There are a number of important safety features which the WEN 56352 gas powered generator comes with. The circuit breaker is designed to prevent overloads. It works to protect all connected devices so it is essential to have. The low oil automatic shutdown is another feature that I personally appreciate a lot. It is designed to shut the engine down in case there is not enough fuel to power it. This feature works to prevent engine failure and damage.

The fuel tank of this model has a capacity of 4 gallons. This volume is perfectly sufficient given the power capabilities of the motor. The tank features a fuel gauge which does not come with all models so I will consider it a notable advantage. You will never leave the tank without fuel when you check the readings on a regular basis. The non contact ignition is transistorized and this makes it another extremely beneficial feature. The risk of accidents and damage is significantly reduced.

The wheel kit which is included in the WEN 56352 3500 generator is another superb feature, even though it is not an exceptional one. The wheels are not difficult to mount and they make the transportation of the device much quicker and easier.


WEN 56352 makes 3,500 watts of surge power and 3,000 watts of output when running continuously. The output produced is sufficient for powering a small number of appliances simultaneously. For instance, you may be able to use a microwave, a fridge and a heater or a cooling fan. It is possible for items consuming more energy such as water boilers and stoves to be powered individually.

The run time at half load is 11 hours when the 4-gallon fuel tank is full. I can safely say that this is a very good running time that is able to compete with the top achievements in this category. This is certainly one great plus of this model.

The noise rating of the generator at 7 meters is 71 dB. This makes it fairly quiet, even though you may find quieter models. I just want to point out that this loudness has been measured by the manufacturer and it depends on a number of factors. Hence, the device may be louder or quieter when operating in your home or business premises.


This WEN generator is suitable for households and small businesses. It can be used in case of any kind of emergency involving the loss of power supply to the premises. This WEN 3500w generator can be used to power appliances in recreational vehicles and on camping sites, even though the entire structure with the frame, wheels and handles is pretty large. Contractors can also use the device to power electric equipment.


Here is an overview of the main benefits of WEN 56352 which I found:

  • Versatility – all kinds of appliances and electric equipment can be powered
  • Easy and effective control – the voltage can be regulated
  • Efficient and safe operation
  • Easy to move from one place to another
  • Quiet operation
  • 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer


In my attempt to be as objective as possible, I searched hard for a drawback of this WEN generator 3500 watt, but could not find much. Here is a minor disadvantage that you may want to take into account:

  • The assembly may not be as straightforward as you would like. You should be able to complete most of the work easily and quickly, but you may find one or two obstacles and issues. The good news is that the customer support service of the manufacturer is pretty good so you should be able to get assistance timely.


I have to say that the WEN 56352 3,500 Watt gas powered portable generator is one of the most efficient and reliable devices of this type. I would certainly recommend it given that it has virtually no flaws.

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