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Portable Generator Reviews: Yamaha YG2800i 2800 Watt 171cc OHV 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Inverter Generator

It is fine if the electricity goes out for an hour or so. However, if there is no power for days, a lot of problems can occur. I cannot afford to keep the refrigerators in my small restaurants without power for more than an hour or so. That is why I use portable power generators. These have become the norm in the Caribbean region where my business is. I figured out it would be beneficial to review some popular models such as one of the most innovative available on the market – the Yamaha YG2800i 2,800 Watt 171cc OHV 4-Stroke gas powered portable inverter generator.

This Yamaha generator is packed with sophisticated features and boasts with super compact design. I have to assure you that I am in no way biased, but I was certainly impressed by Yamaha YG2800i. In this review, I will outline its major features and comment on them. You can find the main pros and cons summarized afterwards.

 Yamaha YG2800i

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Product Description

Yamaha YG2800i is a portable inverter generator. The inverter technology is considered the thing of the future as it brings a range of benefits from fuel economy to quieter operation. There are other technologically advanced features which provide for productive efficiency, safety and long-term durability. It is certainly worth looking at these features in greater detail.

Features of Yamaha YG2800i Gas Powered Inverter Generator

The OHV 4-stroke engine of this portable power generator produces 2,500 watt rated AC output and 2,800 watt maximum AC output. The output is not as high as that of competitor models, but it is sufficient to power a range of appliances in a home or in a small business premises. Given that this gas powered generator is very compact and light the power output to weight ratio is actually quite high.

The inverter system of Yamaha YG2800i is perhaps its most impressive feature. It works with pulse width modulation. The inverter system allows the generator to run at varying speed. This is not possible with conventional models which run at a fixed speed. The varying speed allows for greater fuel efficiency and for saving on operating costs. More importantly, this Yamaha portable generator will produce power for longer.

Perhaps the major advantage of the inverter system is that it can produce clean AC power. Conventional portable generators do not have this capacity and their AC power may damage sensitive electronic devices. This is impossible when an inverter system is in place. Thus, this Yamaha generator can be used to power even electronic devices with built-in microcomputers. Another major benefit of the inverter system is that it makes the generator design much more compact.

The Economy Control electric governor is another functional feature of Yamaha YG2800i. It sets the optimal operating speed for the engine depending on your energy consumption. That way, you save on the fuel necessary for running the generator. In addition, the gas inverter generator will operate more quietly.

This portable power generator comes equipped with a sixteen-pole alternator featuring a twenty-four coil stator. Thanks to these advanced features, the mechanical energy from the motor is converted into electric energy more efficiently and quickly. Furthermore, the alternator and its stator define the lighter weight and the compact design of the Yamaha portable generator.

The muffler of the generator is designed so that it adds less weight and bulk to the device as well. More importantly, it produces a minimal amount of noise. I value such a capability as I strive to make the dining experience of my clients as pleasant as possible even when the power goes out.

The cast iron lining of the cylinder is another one of the features of Yamaha YG2800i that brings a number of benefits. This metal allows for the optimal dispersion of heat. It provides for consistent performance no matter how long you use this gas powered inverter generator for. It gives the generator long-term protection and ensures that it will work well for years to come.

There are a number of safety features that this portable power generator comes with. The spark arrestor, which is USFS-approved, prevents sparks from leaving the exhaust system. That way, the risk of fire is reduced to the very minimum. The oil watch warning system protects this Yamaha gas generator from working without oil. It automatically shuts the generator down when oil is low. The machine can be restarted only when extra oil is added. The AC non-fuse thermal breaker is designed to protect the AC circuit.


The 2,500 watt output which this Yamaha portable generator produces is sufficient for powering a number of appliances at the same time. You can readily power your computer and charge your smartphone without worrying that they may get damaged. This Yamaha portable inverter generator can run for days at the time without a hitch. You get both DC and AC output. The machine has battery charging capabilities as well.


This portable power generator can be used by households and businesses. When you get this Yamaha generator for the home, you can readily take it with you on camping trips to supply power to your trailer. If you run a business like me, you can readily use the generator to power appliances, electronics devices and tools.


The major benefits of Yamaha YG2800i are:

  • Energy efficient, quiet and productive operation
  • High level of protection from damage of the device and from accidents
  • Easy to use thanks to the sophisticated electronics and simplified controls
  • Lightweight, compact and perfectly portable
  • Versatility – you can use the device to power various appliances, devices and tools and even to recharge batteries


I did not manage to find many drawbacks to this Yamaha portable generator, but I will outline two:

This portable gas powered generator could have been made slightly more powerful so that you could run more devices at the same time. Still, it will meet the main needs of households and businesses.

The noise can be a bit louder when the device is not running at the economy mode. It is not annoyingly loud, however.


In my opinion, the Yamaha YG2800i 2,800 Watt 171cc OHV 4-Stroke gas powered portable inverter generator is highly efficient, durable and reliable. You will be able to use it safely and effectively in the long term with basic care only. It is certainly a great choice.

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